Roxy Music

For Your Pleasure

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Another extraordinary record from Roxy Music, one that demonstrates even more clearly than the debut how avant-garde ideas can flourish in a pop setting. This is especially evident in the driving singles "Do the Strand" and "Editions of You," which pulsate with raw energy and jarring melodic structures. Roxy also illuminate the slower numbers, such as the eerie "In Every Dream Home a Heartache," with atonal, shimmering synthesizers, textures that were unexpected and innovative at the time of its release. Similarly, all of For Your Pleasure walks the tightrope between the experimental and the accessible, creating a new vocabulary for rock bands, and one that was exploited heavily in the ensuing decade.


1 Do The Strand 4:03
2 Beauty Queen 4:41
3 Strictly Confidential 3:48
4 Editions Of You 3:51
5 In Every Dream Home A Heartache 5:29
6 The Bogus Man 9:20
7 Grey Lagoons 4:13
8 For Your Pleasure 6:51