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Rich Slave

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After releasing a successful collaboration album last year, Memphis, TN artist, Young Dolph returns with his highest charting album in his career, Rich Slave. The title is Dolph's commentary on how he is perceived – that no matter how much money he has – in the eyes of America, he will always be a slave.

Rich Slave is the album that Young Dolph has shown growth in the sense that he has touched on current events, and social commentary with songs like, The Land that say, "they say this the land of the free, but it looks like the land of bullshit to me". With little features aside from Megan Thee Stallion, Key Glock, and G Herbo, Rich Slave showcases Young Dolph's charismatic skill, and ability to inspire those after him to pursue entrepreneurship.


A1. Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up
A2. Black Friday
A3. To Be Honest
A4. I See $'s
A5. Corduroy Houseshoes Skit
A6. What's Da Business
A7. The Land
A8. Death Row

B1. Cray Cray
B2. RNB (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
B3. Rich Slave
B4. Until I Rot
B5. Blue Diamonds
B6. No Sense (feat. Key Glock)
B7. Benz
B8. 1 Scale (feat. G Herbo)