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Limited 2LP : Limited indies-only double purple vinyl

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Album number 10 from the Wolverhampton producer and a return to the more structured songwriting of 2016’s "A Mineral Love" after the ambient atmospherics of previous album "Phantom Brickworks".
01. Beret Girl
02. The Art Of Living
03. Before
04. Curls
05. Ode To A Nuthatch
06. Watch The Flies
07. It’s Your Bones
08. You Couldn’t Even Hear The Birds Singing
09. Pretty Ribbons And Lovely Flowers
10. Erdaydidder-Erdiddar
11. Frankincense And Coal
12. Old Graffiti
13. Patchouli May
14. Valley Wulf
15. Quarters
16. Under A Lone Ash