The Lilac Time

Return To Us

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LP : Purple vinyl

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The 10th album by The Lilac Time and frontman Stephen Duffy's 20th album in a career that has spanned 4 decades.

Coming off the back of five-star rave reviews for the reissue of Stephen’s album "I Love My Friends", "Return To Us" was recorded by the three-piece of Nick Duffy, Claire Duffy and Stephen who have been the core of The Lilac Time since 1999.

The nine-track album was recorded in Stephen and Claire’s home and covers topics as diverse as The D-Day Landings ("March To The Docks"), auditory processing disorder and the difficulties in recognising and interpreting sounds ("King Kopetsky"), Italian Neorealism ("A River That Runs Both Ways"), life before the Internet ("The Simple Things"), not getting dragged back to a fictitious golden age ("Return To Us"), a Christmas song of sorts ("The Needles") and needing ‘reassurance because the world went stupid’ ("(I’m) A Believer").

Stephen Duffy: “This our first release on a major label since 1990. After a calamitous time with RCA around the recently reissued "I Love My Friends" album I never considered it an option. But then after our last performance at Port Eliot in 2017, we were approached by BMG’s senior scout who suggested we send our new record to them after some time we did and here it is”.
1. (I'm) A Believer

2. March to the Docks

3. The Hills of Cinnamon

4. The Needles

5. Return to Us

6. The Bridge & Down

7. The River Runs Both Ways

8. The Simple Things

9. King Kopetsky