Yaya Bey

Remember Your North Star

  • Released: 17/06/2022
  • Label: Big Dada
  • Genre: R&B

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Yaya Bey is one of R&B’s most exciting storytellers. The singer/songwriter seamlessly navigates life’s hardships and joyful moments through music and her new album captures this emotional rollercoaster with a fusion of soul, jazz, reggae, afrobeat and hip-hop that feeds the soul.


1. intro
2. libation
3. big daddy ya
4. keisha
5. nobody knows
6. alright
7. meet me in brooklyn
8. it was just a dance
9. pour up (feat. DJ
10. uh uh nxgga

Side B
1. reprise
2. rolling stoner
3. don't fucking call me
4. i'm certain she's there
5. street fighter blues
6. mama loves her son
7. either way
8. blessings