Release The Dogs

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Limited LP : Limited 'indies-only' orange swirl vinyl

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The debut solo album from Andy Stack AKA Joyero, known as half of the beloved duo Wye Oak and on the road and in the studio with Lambchop, Helado Negro, and EL VY.

With his debut solo record as Joyero, Andy puts his own voice front and center. Written and recorded primarily in Marfa, Texas, during a transitional moment between records, cities, and relationships, "Release The Dogs" occupies its own liminal space between the natural and the man-made, between the structures we create to keep ourselves safe and the terrifying enormity that exists beyond them. Throughout the record, organic and electronic elements are seamlessly woven together into a single fabric that can be both intimate and explosive.
1. Alight
2. Dogs
3. Starts
4. Steepest Stairs

5. Salt Mine
6. Man
7. Small Town Death
8. After You
9. Time