Reanimated Memories

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“Reanimation Memories” is a collection of eleven crafted songs that clearly draw inspiration from Mans past whilst also looking forward in creative terms. Recorded at Cowshed studios in London the album features MAN veteran Martin Ace (vocals bass guitar), his son Josh Ace (vocals rhythm guitar), James Beck (vocals lead guitar), Phil Ryan (vocals piano organ) and Rene Robrahn (drums) with a special guest appearance by famed pedal steel guitarist B.J. Cole on three tracks (“The Ballad of Billy Lee”, “We Know” and “One More Ride on the Waltzers”) providing the band’s typical Country- and Westcoastrock sound. “Reanimated Memories” covers every musical facet of the band, from Phil Ryan’s sprawling “In Time”, the reflective “God Delusion” by Josh Ace, to the final track “All the Birds”, written by Martin Ace. It is MAN’s first studio album (the Welsh band’s 16th. album in their long-spanning career) after a five-year absence, and it is a perfect addition to the band’s previous catalogue.

The Ballad Of Billy Lee / No Solution / In Time / We Know / One More Ride On The Waltzers / Ordinary Man / God Delusion / Got No Money In My Pocket / Nothing Fails Like Success / Events Of Yesterday / All The Birds