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"(an) infectious collection of dub-heavy experimental ambient." - All Music

Relapse Records releases the long sought-after Re-Entry album from Electronic luminaries TECHNO ANIMAL. The duo, Justin Broadrick (GODFLESH) and Kevin Martin (THE BUG), carved their own identity into the Electronic scene with their intense take on ambient music and dub production. Re-Entry, originally released in 1995, paved the way for the genre with highly experimental soundscapes. Re-Entry is laden with heavy grooves, psychedelic elements, and even inventive moments borderlining Post-Rock.


Disc: 1
1 Flight Of The Hermaphrodite
2 The Mighty Atom Smasher
3 Mastodon Americanus
4 City Heathen Dub
5 Narco Agent Vs The Medicine Man
6 Demodex Invasion
Disc: 2
1 Evil Spirits / Angel Dust
2 Catatonia
3 Needle Park
4 Red Sea
5 Cape Canaveral
6 Resuscitator