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It was release on October 2012. The self-produced Rats conjures up the essence of Balthazar. Its heart wrenching melodies tell tales of unspoiled love and foolish desire. At its core are the band’s trademark vocal harmonies, drenched in quirky romantic textures. Balthazar sway and swoon, from melancholic bossa grooves to euphoric waltzes. You’ll hear a stunning, sexy rhythm section Serge Gainsbourg would approve of and the kind of lush arrangements that whisper Scott Walker’s name.
Jinte and Maarten don’t shy away from their admiration for the classic songwriters. “That’s the kind of poetry we really enjoy”. Result? Chills, goose bumps and sweet shivers.

L.A.-based Noah Georgeson (The Strokes, Devendra Banhart) has done an excellent job mixing this collection of spine-tingling songs.

“You need to go through quite a lot of debauchery before you realize happiness is just around the corner, in the arms of the girl you love”, Jinte says, heart on sleeve. Can it be all so simple? Why, that’s exactly what Balthazar try to find out on Rats.


The Oldest Of Sisters
Sinking Ship
Joker’s Son
The Man Who Owns The Place
Lion’s Mouth (Daniel)
Do Not Claim Them Anymore
Listen Up
Any Suggestion