Champagne Dub


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Lysergic weather front top-loaded via betamax’s hippocampus trapdoor melding Catto’s studio into a rainbow of textures, formless places, and emotional sonics awash with resonant poy-rhythms.

Champagne Dub is a mission in space-dub whose ‘crew’ took a few too many wrong turns. “We are here to bring raw metamorphic rock-rituals that escaped our minds.”

Mr Noodles, the Peruvian Performance artist cuts an uncomfortable figure in the recording studio. Kinetic energy flowing from a spring of mysteriously paranoid fits of spontaneous movement, Noodles is vulnerable and dangerous. Cryptic words are spunked from the subconscious and lie scattered across the band’s rhythmic engine-room. Ruth Goller’s bass tones geometrically tumble over the cluttered floor of Betamax’s dirty drums and percussion. Turn to Ed Briggs, the medieval sound scientist, convulsing in the corner as his unreliable, self-assembled electronics drain the remaining energy from what seems to be a living but barely-live power source, spewing their sonic debris at the spinning wheels of tape delay.

A1 Sink
A2 Wet Drip
A3 Full Moon Placenta
A4 Scrubbing
A5 Refreshment Guy
B1 Chancho Vaca
B2 Cumulonimbus
B3 Rainbow