Sean O'Hagan

Radum Calls, Radum Calls

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The 2nd solo album from The High Llamas frontman (and also member of Microdisney and Stereolab), some 19 years since his debut album (also called "High Llamas").

In the past decade, there have been two High Llamas albums. During that time, Sean’s day job has largely been in the studio, arranging and producing with other outfits – most recently, Mount Kimbie, Fryars, James Righton from Klaxons and Hockney.

The ways of the new generation are reflected in the mix of Radum Calls, Radum Calls, with bold latest obsessions side by side with the grand old traditions. As the parts old and new rotate inevitably back and forth in cyclical perfection, we are reminded of the beauty and craftsmanship of the old cuckoo clocks; an ingenuity of cogs and gears to express perfect time as entertainingly as possible. Threaded in with exquisite melodies are hard-punching drum sounds, low rumbling synths, an extra-sharp dubby sound-design for percussion. In moments of this concision of old and new, Sean’s goal is honestly to conjure a new musical language.

1 Candy Clock

2 Better Lull Bear

3 I Am Here

4 The Paykan (Laili's Song)

5 McCardle Brown

6 Clearing House

7 On A Lonely Day (Ding, Dong)

8 Spoken Gem

9 Sancto Electrical

10 Take My Steps (Nora Bramms)

11 Radum Calls

12 Calling, Sending