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Limited 2LP : Limited edition double picture disc vinyl

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Brazilian metal band Sepultura return with their 15th album.

“On ‘Quadra’, we felt the urge to revisit that old thrash feeling of ‘Beneath the Remains’ or ‘Arise“,’ only seen through the eyes of today,” Andreas Kisser utters the magic words. “Add to that the tribal percussion, the orchestral elements, the choirs, the melodies and the clean vocals and you get a thorough run-through of our entire career, backed by a very contemporary approach.” Fuelled by an energy almost uncanny for a band that has been active for so long, Sepultura storm through a contemporary thrash monument, backed by sublime melodies, a very eerie atmosphere and a fiendishly high level of technicality. Kisser is appreciating these compliments, still maintaining his very down to earth approach. “We don’t heed the past and we don’t try to be preoccupied by the future too much,” he shrugs. “We’re in the now, trying every day to make Sepultura a little bit better. That’s what keeping us strong.”


CD tracklist:

Disc 1:
1 .Isolation
2.Means To An End
3.Last Time
4.Capital Enslavement
6.Raging Void
7.Guardians Of Earth
8.The Pentagram
11.Agony Of Defeat

Disc 2 ‘Alive In Brazil’ :
1.Choke (live)
2.Convicted In Life (live)
3.Sepulnation (live)
4.Apes Of God (live)
5.Sepultura Under My Skin (live)
6.Manipulation Of Tragedy (live)
7.The Vatican (live)
8.Cut-Throat (live)