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Prose Combat

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After his high-profile duet with Guru on the first Jazzmatazz project, French rapper MC Solaar proved himself a major contender for international rap stardom with his U.S. debut. With the rapid-fire rhyme flow of Souls of Mischief and the smooth delivery of Q-Tip, the young MC conveys more moods in French than most rappers can in English. The extremely subtle grooves supplied by DJ/producer Jimmy Jay provide velvety smooth cushions that wrap around Solaar's warm voice tighter than O.J Simpson's glove, with jazzy, funky samples that prove perfectly suited for the fluid rhymes. One of the few bright spots in a year when the alternative rap scene was largely devoid of originality, MC Solaar came across as refreshing as a cool Parisian breeze.

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Limited reissue on double white vinyl.


Aubade 0:35
Obsolète 3:02
Nouveau Western 4:34
A La Claire Fontaine 2:59
Superstarr 3:03
La Concubine De L'Hémoglobine 4:49
Dévotion 4:26
Temps Mort 3:41
Séquelles 3:37
Dieu Ait Son Âme 4:46
A Dix De Mes Disciples 3:45
La Fin Justifie Les Moyens 4:57
Relations Humaines 3:28
Prose Combat 3:06