Martin Denny

Primitiva (2022 Reissue)

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Limited LP : Indies Exclusive Lagoon Blue Coloured Vinyl

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Originally released in 1958, Primitiva is a rhythmically rich and inimitably exotic Martin Denny experience. Reissued by Jackpot Records on limited edition ocean blue color vinyl, Primitiva highlights the burgeoning sound of ’50s exotica music, with Denny’s diverse soundscape ranging from vibraphones and marimbas, to Burmese gongs and Buddhist prayer bowls. This third outing from the father of exotica shines in style with stand-out tracks like “Burma Train”, “M'Gambo Mambo”, and “Jamaica Farewell” spanning from the Caribbean coast, to the South Pacific islands, and beyond. Pairing perfectly with beachside Mai Tais and ornamental umbrellas, Primitiva is a hallmark of the mid-century’s lounge music fascination, and is replete with animal cries, pulsing percussion, and enough groovy goodness to keep it a mainstay of your rotation


Side 1:
1 Burma Train
2 Kalua
3 M'Gambo Mambo
4 Buddhist Bells
5 M'Bira
6 Flamingo

Side 2:
1 Llama Serenade (Peruvian Llama Song)
2 Akaka Falls
3 Bangkok Cockfight
4 Mau Mau
5 Dites Moi
6 Jamaica Farewell