Plastic Drama (Deluxe Edition)

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Spain’s fastest-rising band, Belako are announcing a very special edition of their 2020 album ‘Plastic Drama’. The new, deluxe double LP will be released on 8th April via BMG and includes exclusive remixes by the likes of Wolf Alice, The Vaccines, Hinds and Crystal Fighters. 


Side A

  1. Tie Me Up
  2. The Craft
  3. Sirène
  4. All Nerve
  5. Plastic Drama

Side B

  1. marinela2017
  2. AKLR
  3. Profile Anxiety
  4. Truth
  5. Truce

Side C

  1. Sirène (CUT_ Remix)
  2. The Craft (Old Joel Dilla (Wolf Alice) Remix)
  3. Profile Anxiety (Crystal Fighters Remix)
  4. marinela2017 (Delaporte Remix)
  5. Tie Me Up (Hinds Remix)
  6. All Nerve (Las Tea Party DJs Remix)

Side D

  1. AKLR (Bonnz Remix)
  2. Plastic Drama (Yoann Intonti (The Vaccines) Remix)
  3. marinela2017 (Asier Bilbao Remix)
  4. Profile Anxiety (Dream Wife Remix)
  5. Sirène (Guarda Remix)
  6. AKLR (Josu Ximun Remix)