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First ever re-issue of the 2nd Arab Strap album, originally released in 1998. "Philophobia" was recorded on the outskirts of Glasgow in the early incarnation of CHEM19 Studios with engineer/producer Paul Savage & at Cava Studios in Glasgow with engineer Geoff Allan. Instrumentally ambitious, "Philophobia" is adorned with sepulchral guitar, trumpet, cello & Scottish rainfall, providing a most beautiful backdrop to Aidan Moffat’s bold lyrical presentation as he articulates experiences most of us are too embarrassed to even think about; confessional, intimate, insightful and hilarious, "Philophobia" remains a literate & musical revelation.


Packs Of Three 3:23
Soaps 4:16
Here We Go 5:04
New Birds 6:27
One Day, After School 5:01
Islands 3:42
The Night Before The Funeral 4:51
Not Quite A Yes 3:42
Piglet 6:48
Afterwards 4:23
My Favourite Muse 5:03
I Would've Liked Me A Lot Last Night 7:26
The First Time You're Unfaithful 5:38