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The 12 tracks from P.E.’s snarling debut, "Person", display the band members’ collective experience in piecing together unforgettable compositions then gleefully tearing them apart at the seams, while the album’s clattering industrial percussion, zigzagging synths and sax, and colorful dystopian poetry maintain the spark of P.E.’s improvisational bent. The result is a sonic lexicon that reflects the unnatural surroundings of their adopted home in NYC—chaotic yet alluring, gnarly yet beautiful, gritty yet fun. This is music for fully-formed persons—human music for the 21st century. P.E. is a band born of New York City’s storied art-punk underground and dedicated to continuously pushing creative boundaries via ongoing experimentation. Comprised of Veronica Torres, Jonathan Campolo, and Benjamin Jaffe (of the freshly defunct, no wave-riffing Pill) alongside Jonathan Schenke and Bob Jones (of electronic/art-rock favorites Eaters), P.E. features some of NYC’s most notable experimental voices united by a collaborative chemistry forged during their early—and entirely improvised—performances.

1. Mandarin
2. Machine Machine
3. Top Ticket
4. Lovers’ Lane
5. Entertainment
6. Viniagrette
7. Dirty Plumage
8. Expectations
9. Soft Dance
10. Shimmy
11. Pink Shiver
12. Person