Paul McCartney and Wings

Red Rose Speedway (Deluxe)

  • Released: 07/12/2018
  • Label: UMC
  • Genre: Rock/Pop

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Numbered, Limited Deluxe Edition 3CD, 2DVD + Blu-Ray Box Set remastered at Abbey Road Studios!

This six-disc (3CD, 2DVD+Blu-ray) limited deluxe edition of the second Wings album and first credited to Paul McCartney and Wings, Red Rose Speedway. Released in April 1973 and featuring the #1 single My Love, Red Rose Speedway was the first Wings album to hit #1 on the U.S. chart.

This Red Rose Speedway limited deluxe edition features three discs of audio, including the original album remastered at Abbey Road, 35 bonus audio tracks (including a reconstruction of the originally conceived, double album version of Red Rose Speedway), singles & B-sides, alternative mixes and previously unreleased tracks.

The 2DVD+Blu-ray portions of the deluxe are packed with rare and previously unseen footage, including the James Paul McCartney TV Special, interviews and music videos, as well as the never before seen film - 'The Bruce McMouse Show' - fully restored and remixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

The package includes a folio containing 14 replica hand-drawn original character sketches by Paul and facsimile dialogue sheets for the film, a 128-page book containing many previously unpublished images by Linda McCartney, expanded album and single artwork from the archives and story behind the album - including new interviews with Paul McCartney and key album personnel, as well as track-by-track information, written by Amanda Petrusich, five replica handwritten lyric sheets and photo print, a 64-page 'Wings In Morocco' photo book, all housed in an outer slipcase.


Remastered Album
1-1 Big Barn Bed 3:50
1-2 My Love 4:07
1-3 Get On The Right Thing 4:17
1-4 One More Kiss 2:29
1-5 Little Lamb Dragonfly 6:23
1-6 Single Pigeon 1:53
1-7 When The Night 3:37
1-8 Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) 4:23
Medley (11:19)
1-9a Hold Me Tight
1-9b Lazy Dynamite
1-9c Hands Of Love
1-9d Power Cut
Remastered Double Album
2-1 Night Out 2:16
2-2 Get On The Right Thing 4:17
2-3 Country Dreamer 3:10
2-4 Big Barn Bed 3:50
2-5 My Love 4:08
2-6 Single Pigeon 1:53
2-7 When The Night 3:38
2-8 Seaside Woman 3:57
2-9 I Lie Around 5:01
2-10 The Mess (Live At The Hague) 4:34
2-11 Best Friend (Live In Antwerp) 3:59
2-12 Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) 4:23
Medley (11:19)
2-13a Hold Me Tight
2-13b Lazy Dynamite
2-13c Hands Of Love
2-13d Power Cut
2-14 Mama's Little Girl 3:45
2-15 I Would Only Smile 3:23
2-16 One More Kiss 2:29
2-17 Tragedy 3:21
2-18 Little Lamb Dragonfly 6:23
Bonus Audio
3-1 Mary Had A Little Lamb 3:32
3-2 Little Woman Love 2:07
3-3 Hi, Hi, Hi 3:08
3-4 C Moon 4:34
3-5 Live And Let Die 3:12
3-6 Get On The Right Thing (Early Mix) 4:41
3-7 Little Lamb Dragonfly (Early Mix) 6:08
3-8 Little Woman Love (Early Mix) 2:08
3-9 1882 (Home Recording) 3:26
3-10 Big Barn Bed (Rough Mix) 3:48
3-11 The Mess 4:53
3-12 Thank You Darling 3:18
3-13 Mary Had A Little Lamb (Rough Mix) 5:22
3-14 1882 (Live In Berlin) 6:31
3-15 1882 6:51
3-16 Jazz Street 5:08
3-17 Live And Let Die (Group Only, Take 10) 3:33
Bonus Video
DVD1-1 Hi, Hi, Hi
DVD1-2 C Moon
DVD1-3 Mary Had A Little Lamb (V1: "Countryside")
DVD1-4 Mary Had A Little Lamb (V2: "Desert")
DVD1-5 Mary Had A Little Lamb (V3: "Barn")
DVD1-6 Mary Had A Little Lamb (V4: "Psychedelic")
DVD1-7 My Love
DVD-8 James Paul McCartney TV Special
DVD-9 Live And Let Die (Live In Liverpool)
DVD1-10 Newcastle Interview
The Bruce McMouse Show
DVD2 The Bruce McMouse Show
BD The Bruce McMouse Show