The William Loveday Intention

Paralysed By The Mountains

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Brand new studio album by The William Loveday Intention as part of their “career in a year”! “The cover pic is from a visit I made with my son and friends to the artist Giovanni Segantini's hut in the High Alps sometime around 2016. Segantini (1858-1899), was an illiterate and stateless artist famous for his paintings made in the Engadin. The title track is about living your life through someone else's YouTube channel: a blow by blow account of how their life in the frozen north is more, picturesque, sensitive, fun, enlightened and artistic than yours could ever be. 'Stood Upon a Chair' is about the villain Jessie James, but without the romance part that is usually added to such tales. 'You Gotta Move', a Mississippi Fred McDowell cover, is one of the best recordings we've ever made. Here I’m accompanied by my wife Julie and my friend Dave Tattersall who plays electric slide guitar. A true gem which should make someone, somewhere, rich and famous. (Or at least make Mick Jagger blush with shame.) Topping it all off we hit a couple of old Headcoats numbers with added verses that reveal the hidden depth behind those impeccable pop songs.


1.Paralysed By The Mountains
2.Becoming Unbecoming Me
3.Stood Upon a Chair
4.Too Many Things That Mean Too Much To Me
5.You Gotta Move
6.Joe Strummer's Grave
7.I'm Unkind
8.Gun In My Father's Hand
9.The Day I Beat My Father Up
10.Joe Strummer's Grave (Reprise