Para Mi

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The debut album from the endearing 21 year-old Omar Banos AKA Cuco, combining earnest Spanglish love lyrics with an inscrutable deep-meme millennial sense of humor to create a persona that is at once carefree and emotionally involved — the way teenagers are. His brand of dream pop takes cues from jazz and hip-hop, combining homemade drum packs and loops with self-taught keyboard, trumpet, guitar and his sing-talking cadence to create twinkly lullabies.

1. Intro (feat. Foos Gone Wild)
2. Keeping Tabs (feat. Suscat0)
3. Bossa No Sé (feat. Jean Carter)
4. Perihelion (Interlude)
5. Feelings
6. Love Tripper
7. Ego Death in Thailand
8. Hydrocone
9. Far Away From Home
10. Brokey The Pear (Interlude)
11. Best Friend
12. Room Tone (Interlude)
13. Do Better