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Long-lost album from the Ghanaian Highlife legend, recorded in 1980 but never released until now.

In 1980 while on a club tour of Nigeria with his regular touring band, Ebo bumped into Chief Tabansi of Tabansi
Records. They agreed that Taylor would record a one-album session to be released exclusively on Tabansi. Within a few days the deal was signed, the session completed, the tapes signed off, and Ebo and his band went on their way to complete their Nigerian tour. But for reasons that no-one (including Ebo) can now fully recall, the master tapes got shelved in a dusty backroom in Tabansi’s Onitsha HQ. Where they remained, undisturbed, unreleased, unplayed, for almost forty years.  All-new material, all Ebo’s own compositions, all recorded with Ebo’s crème-de-la-crème
touring and recording players, including George Amissah. Mat Hammond, George Kennedy and George Abunuah among others.
1. Palaver

2. Make You No Mind

3. Abebrese

4. Help Africa

5. Nyame Dadaw