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Gustaf , the Brooklyn no wave / post-punk band helmed by Lydia Gammill, has announced their sophomore album for April 5th via Royal Mountain Records . Their first album since 2021’s Audio Drag for Ego Slobs, which nabbed the band a Beck cosign, tours with Idles, Sleaford Mods, and Yard Act , and critical acclaim, Package Pt. 2 continues the endlessly fascinating world-building exercise of its forbearer. Produced by Erin Tonkon, who worked on David Bowie's Blackstar , the album was recorded at Studio G Brooklyn and Circular Ruin.
  1. Statue
  2. Close
  3. What Does It Mean
  4. Starting And Staring
  5. I Won
  6. Weighing Me Down
  7. Here Hair
  8. Hard Hair
  9. Produce
  10. Happiest Thought
  11. Ground
  12. End Of The Year