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"Overwintering" is the new album from Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars), recording as Lightning In A Twilight Hour. A collection of eleven songs in collaboration with Ian Catt; a partnership dating back to the earliest days of the The Field Mice. Both Anne Mari Davies and Michael Hiscock from The Field Mice feature throughout this latest addition to Bobby's discography. Also present is Beth Arzy (Trembling Blue Stars, Jetstream Pony, The Luxembourg Signal), and Harvey Brown who adds guitar to the record's penultimate track. While some songs entered the studio fully formed, more than half of "Overwintering" began life as purely musical landscapes before beginning a journey, eventually resulting in songs like the opener, "Lincoln Green"; a subtle introduction to this world of people and places, text and texture. The hypnotic psychedelia of "Delphinium" follows, featuring the first of four lead vocals by Anne Mari Davies. "Leaf Fall Is Over" is a pop song that holds an inner darkness exploring the rarely addressed theme of old age. "All I want is to escape, but I cannot run / Away, away, from this shadow I've become / Where looking back is all I do / How did I get here soon?". The song features Beth's first appearance providing subtle, layered backing vocals. On "Perfumed Meadows Of May Snow" Opal meets Galaxie 500, in a soft psychedelic haze. Percussive clicks, vinyl pops and reverbed guitar notes form the backdrop of "The Cinematographer As Painter" - a slowly building hymn to filmmaking. A painting by renowned writer and musician David Toop adorns the sleeve. 

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For fans of : Galaxie 500, Low, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins.


Lincoln Green
Leaf Fall Is Over
Perfumed Meadows Of May Snow
The Cinematographer As Painter
Her Own Refrain
In Sacred Groves Of Hawthorn
White, Upon Your Grave
Natural Light
Slow Motion Spirits
Don't Let The Times Define You