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Outside Looking In

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The Masonics are known for being ‘the best Rhythm and Beat combo since The Milkshakes’ and there’s a very good reason for that…
With Mickey Hampshire (The Milkshakes, Mickey And The Salty Seadogs, Mickey And Ludella), Bruce Brand (The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes, Auntie Vegetable, Thee Headcoats, The Kravin’ “A”s, The Clique, Dutronc, The Voo-Dooms and more) and John Gibbs (The Wildebeests, The Kaisers), this Medway-based trio have got enough rhythm ’n’ beat and rock ’n’ roll in their blood streams to power the Starship Enterprise!
Since 1991 The Masonics have been raising roofs all across the land, and disturbing audio grooves on at least ten studio albums and nine singles. There’s no stopping them!
Last year the group joined The 5,6,7,8s on their five-night UK tour, and have recently released two 7” EPs.
‘Outside Looking In’ was originally released on compact disc format only, via Vinyl Japan in 2004 and was the first Masonics recording to feature John Gibbs on bass duties (filling Liam Watson’s boots, who features on a few tracks on these recordings). John has been a Masonic mainstay ever since.
By demand, now re-issued, and remastered for the first time on vinyl, ‘Outside Looking In’ also features the seductive vocal charms of Miss Ludella Black to a number of songs, and backing vocals for ‘It Won’t Be The First Time’ by French singing sensation Fabienne Delsol. The album includes the group’s take on Jagger/Richards’ ‘Long Long While’.
The vinyl version also features revised artwork (again by Arthole Retrographics), with colour printed inner sleeve too.
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.


1. The Mighty Ship 03:04
2. Messed Up 02:16
3. Somebody Stole The Heat From My Fire 02:43
4. The Runaway Goblin 02:28
5. This Is The Time 02:43
6. John The Busker 03:19
7. The Battle Between The Heart And The Mind 03:38
8. It Won't Be The First Time 02:37
9. Ain't Gonna Let You Get Away 02:57
10. Tell Me Where I'm Going Wrong 03:03
11. Long Long While 03:12
12. I'm On The Outside Looking In 03:11