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Out On The Floor

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2CD compliation.

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In the US, Black American artists had begun to make inroads into mainstream charts since the beginning of the decade, and many of the tracks here represent part of that precious changeover period between what was then termed R&B and Soul. The common factors were dance ability and emotional content, and it was these elements that caught the ear of British listeners. Half of the tracks on this selection of highly collectable tracks did actually gain UK record releases and many did get some radio play if you knew where to listen. This led directly to a nascent club scene that was initially centred in the South East of the UK, and more specifically London with its Soho venues like The Scene and The Flamingo and certain key record import shops.


Disc 1

1. Out On The Floor – Dobie Gray
2. There’s Nothing Else To Say – The Incredibles
3. Exit Loneliness Enter Love – Tommy Mosley
4. The Duck – Jackie Lee
5. Meet Me At Midnight – Cindy Lynn & The In-Sounds
6. Barefootin’ – Robert Parker
7. The Wrong Girl – The Showmen
8. Cry To Me – Solomon Burke
9. Chills And Fever – Ronnie Love
10. The Work Song – Tommy Hunt
11. Stop – Clyde McPhatter
12. Miss Treatment – The Incredibles
13. Don’t Accuse Me – The Squires
14. Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) – Chuck Jackson
15. My Heart Belongs To You – Wilson Pickett
16. Love Makes the World Go Round – Deon Jackson
17. I’m The One Who Loves You – The Impressions
18. Catch That Teardrop – The 5 Royales
19. Girl Watcher – The O’Kaysions
20. I’m On My Way – Barbara Dane

Disc 2

1. The Snake – Al Wilson
2. The Ice-Man – Billy Watkins
3. Backfield In Motion – Mel & Tim
4. So In Luv – Othello Robertson
5. My First Lonely Night – Jewel Akens
6. One Love – Jimmy Lewis
7. I’ve Arrived – Steve Flanagan
8. It’s Your Voodoo Working – Charles Sheffield
9. (I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away – The Drapers
10. Jamie – Eddie Holland
11. Take A Giant Step (Walk On) – The Profiles
12. Every Day I Have To Cry Some – Steve Alaimo
13. Fortune Teller – Benny Spellman
14. I Can’t Get Over Losing Your Love – The Incredibles
15. Seven Day Fool – Etta James
16. Comin’ Home Baby – Mel Torme
17. I’ll Kiss Your Teardrops Away – The Laddins
18. Lover Come Back To Me – The Cleftones
19. Give Our Love A Chance – Ada Ray
20. The In Crowd – Dobie Gray