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The Ghanaian Afrobeat band Osibisa released their sixth studio album 'Welcome Home' in 1975. Since their formation in 1969 they played an important role in bringing the world music to a bigger audience. The African and Caribbean musicians recorded an catchy fusion of jazz, funk, rock, Latin and music from their own continents. Their music can be compared with the early Santana releases, from psychedelic guitar to fine rhythms. The album 'Welcome Home' includes their massive UK hit 'Sunshine Day', with funky melodies, and their soft acoustic title song 'Welcome Home'. With the use of vibraphones, percussion and wind instruments the sun is going to rise higher above the musical grounds. Osibisa is an important name in the influence world music has had during the seventies. In their almost 50 years of existence they recorded over 20 albums and even now they're still performing live


1 Sunshine Day
2 Welcome Home
3 Densu
4 Chooboi (Heave Ho!)
5 Do It (Like It Is)
6 Right Now
7 Seaside Meditation
8 Uhuru
9 Kolomashie