Jeremy Tuplin

Orville's Discoteque

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Set in a world slightly left of reality, the record tells the story of a flawed disco-enthused antihero and his romantic travails. The album charts the stumble and fall of a self-obsessed dancing antihero and his romantic travails. The single sets the scene of the first time the album’s protagonist, Orville, sees his new romantic interest, Eugenie, whilst performing in a disco club night; fascinated by her dance moves that include “hula hoop hips”, “loose helicopter arms”, and whatever else. The lyricism blends self-deprecating humour with poetry, whilst the sound marks another step in the continued evolution of Tuplin’s musical vision, incorporating his lyrical songwriting and intricate storytelling within a loosely defined genre of “indie disco” - or even “dark disco” and “devilish disco” that he references in the song itself. The track was recorded with Tuplin's band, The Sad & Lonely Disco Band at Marketstall Recording Studio in Star Lane, East London. It features Mark Estall on bass, Samuel Nicholson on lead guitar, and Jason Ribeiro on drums, with Tuplin on vocals, synthesizers and rhythm guitar. "This is the first song I started writing after finishing recording Violet Waves, just after the whole lockdown/global pandemic thing hit." Tuplin explains. "Just chugging away at these chords with no real intention or rush to write or think about the words or what the song could be about, just letting the vocal melody swim over it with word-less sounds." He continues to say "The notion to start writing about dancing and “disco”, possibly arose out of some kind of subconscious desire to return to being able to do that kind of thing. Which is interesting because I now see myself as a bit of a recluse." Jeremy Tuplin is an indie singer-songwriter from Somerset. Lyrical and genre-bending, his music blends alt-folk, indie rock and synth pop with the occasional psychedelic soundscape thrown in for taste.


1 It's A Real World
2 Dancing (On Your Own)
3 Eugenie
4 Idiot Love
5 L.O.V.E.
6 Love Town
7 Wonderful Time
8 futureman
9 Better Man
10 Why'd You Go And Look At Me Like That
11 Devil Dances
12 The Mirrorball
13 A Dancer Must Die
14 Dance On