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2LP : Clear Vinyl

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· Gorgon City are renowned British production duo Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott.

· They are set to release their highly anticipated third album ‘Olympia’ on 25th June.

· Olympia is made up of 18 massive house tracks, a collection of Gorgon’s work over the past couple of years being on tour and in lockdown, and is brimming with big club sounds.

· A transatlantic creative process, this is the first album where Matt and Kye have written the tracks completely separately due to being in different countries – Matt being in London and Kye now based in the birthplace of house, Chicago.

· With a nod to Greek mythology creative roots of the Gorgon City project, Olympia also carries on Matt & Kye’s tradition of collaborating with rising artists and showcases their strength in discovering and developing vocal talents.

· ‘Olympia’ is an album of pure escapism – an album designed to inspire people to get back out there again and enjoy life.


1. Gorgon City 'Tell Me It's True'
2. Gorgon City & Aura James 'Oxygen'
3. Gorgon City & Drama 'You’ve Done Enough'
4. Gorgon City & Jem Cooke 'Dreams'
5. Gorgon City & Cami 'Body Language'
6. Gorgon City 'When You're Gone'
7. Soffi Tukker & Gorgon City 'House Arrest'
8. Gorgon City & Hayley May 'Never Let Me Down'
9. Gorgon City 'Sweet Temptation'
10. Gorgon City & Drama 'Nobody'
11. Gorgon City & Rose Grey 'Lost Feelings'
12. Gorgon City & Grace Grundy 'Tears'
13. Gorgon City 'Waiting For The Right Time'
14. Gorgon City & Jem Cooke 'Ecstasy'
15. Hayden James, Gorgon City & Nat Dunn 'Foolproof'
16. Gorgon City & Evan Giia 'Burning'
17. Gorgon City 'Thoughts Of You'
18. Gorgon City & Josh Barry 'Freedom'