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Following the international success of PLANET and LETTER, pianist Sofiane Pamart presents his third solo album, NOCHE. His first work was a travel around the world, the second was a
love letter addressed directly to his audience, and this third project will plunge you into the depths of the night.

Always nomadic by nature, always keen to cherish the strong bond he has forged with his audience, Sofiane Pamart is back this time after an adventure of several months spent in Latin America, where he composed the entirety of this new album.

Now firmly established as a star pianist, he delivers 15 new compositions featuring all the ingredients that have forged his universe: travel, poetry, melancholy, romance, snarls and


2. Corazón
3. Vera
4. Miedo
5. Luna
6. Película
7. Sensual
8. Estrella
9. Tiempo
10. Ferdi
11. Memoria
12. Muerte
13. Aventura
14. Sueño
15. Triste