Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

From Her to Eternity

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After the Birthday Party ended in a manner similar to a train collision, frontman Nick Cave emerged from the wreckage and hooked up ex-bandmate Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld (on loan from the industrial group Einsturzende Neubauten), Barry Adamson (fresh from Magazine), and the lovely but corpse-pale Anita Lane. Thus the Bad Seeds were born, second only to Cave's former band in their ability to create a rumbling caterwaul. What makes the Bad Seeds stand apart, though, are the elements of Delta blues that Cave dredges up from the darkest recesses of his black, black heart - blues unlike any you've ever heard before - and his Faulkner-meets-Lovecraft lyrical obsessions. 'Well of Misery' shambles along drunkenly and eventually crumbles under its somnambulant pace. On the title track Cave exhorts, begs, and pleads like a whiskey priest begging for forgiveness after a bender while Bargeld's guitar shrieks and wails like a congregation of devils. 


1 Avalanche
2 Cabin Fever!
3 Well Of Misery
4 From Her To Eternity
5 Saint Huck
6 Wings Off Flies
7 A Box For Black Paul