New World

Singles Collection

  • Released: 19/11/2012
  • Label: 7Ts
  • Genre: Pop/Rock

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The first career spanning round up of every A-side issued in Europe by Australian Folk Pop trio New World. The 15 tracks include five tracks making their debut on CD Features the International hit singles Tom Tom Turnaround (Aus No.12, Germany No.10, UK No.6), Kara Kara (Aus No.39,Germany No.31,UK No.17) and Sister Jane (Aus No.15, Germany No.47,UK No.9). Also includes the British hit singles Rose Garden (No.15) and Rooftop Singing (No.50). New World were the original recorders of Living Next Door To Alice (Australia No.23) which later went onto give Smokie the biggest hit of their career: in fact New World s brand of Folk Pop laid the foundations of Smokies sound with both groups benefitting from the supreme songwriting talents of Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Booklet includes liner notes by Phil Hendricks, pictures of all relevant singles and a full UK discography. Totally re-mastered by Tim Turan.


1 I'll Catch The Sun 2:38
2 Something's Wrong 2:43
3 Rose Garden 3:11
4 Tom-Tom Turnaround 3:18
5 Kara Kara 3:13
6 Sister Jane 3:40
7 Living Next Door To Alice 3:44
8 Rooftop Singing 4:23
9 Old Shep 3:34
10 Do It Again 2:57
11 Sweet Dreams 2:50
12 I'm A Clown 3:08
13 Sitting In The Sun 3:23
14 But Not Afraid To Dream 3:08
15 Homemade Sunshine 3:12