Never, Neverland

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Limited LP: Purple Vinyl

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Over 25 years trash metal band Annihilator has brought us nothing but fast, technical and energetic trash music. Led by axeman Jeff Waters, these Canadian musicians have acquired the status of trash metal legends and are the highest-selling Canadian trash metal group in history, having sold more than three million albums worldwide.

Since their formation in 1984, Annihilator has released 17 studio albums and several live albums. Their sophomore album Never, Neverland was released in 1990 by label Roadrunner. It is the only album of Annihilator where Coburn Pharr recorded the vocals and features their hit “The Fun Palace”.
Never, Neverland is available as a limited edition of 3500 individually numbered copies on purple marbled vinyl.

1. The Fun Palace
2. Road To Ruin
3. Sixes And Sevens
4. Stonewall
5. Never, Neverland

1. Imperiled Eyes
2. Kraf Dinner
3. Phantasmagoria
4. Reduced To Ash
5. I Am In Command