Buckingham Nicks

Never Going Back Again

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Limited Yellow Vinyl LP/CD

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Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks live from Morgan Auditorium, Alabama 28th January 1975 Despite their efforts, 1973’s Buckingham Nicks was virtually ignored by almost everyone at the time.

However, thanks to airplay by several Alabama disc jockeys, the album received credible exposure during the WJLN‐FM progressive rock evening hours, and the duo managed to cultivate a relatively small and concentrated fan base in that market.

The determined duo went out on the road to support the LP, playing the American South through ‘74 and ‘75. A particular highlight of this short tour was their show at the Morgan Auditorium in Tuscaloosa, AL on 28th January 1975, where they performed a selection of songs from the album and a handful that pointed towards their intended follow‐up album, but actually ended up with Fleetwood Mac.

By now, the duo was a part of the established Fleetwood Mac line‐up, and had their record label shown a little more foresight and investment at the time, things may have turned out a whole lot different for both Buckingham and Nicks, and Mick Fleetwood


1 Lola (My Love)
2 Monday Morning
3 Never Going Back Again
4 Races Are Run
5 Rhiannon
6 Long Distance Winner
7 Django / Sorcerer
8 Heartbreaker (Circles In Time)
9 Don't Let Me Down Again
10 I Can't Wait
11 Heartbreaker (Circles In Time)
12 Frozen Love
13 Crystal