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SUPERNAIVE consists of two brothers - bound by blood and music - who live between Paris and Tokyo. They blend electronic and acoustic music with a unique and delicate touch.

After the success of their EP Dazed & Confused in June 2017, they released Lions & Pigs in April 2018 and are now unveil their debut album Nekomata. The brothers chose to personify two oneiric characters that have almost identical faces. They cover their faces with masks that are symbol of eternal youth in Japanese Noh theatre - allowing the music to give life to their poetic doubles. They have performed DJ set and Live in many cities in France and across the world (Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong).

This debut album was recorded between Paris and Tokyo. It gets its name from the shape-shifting cat of the Japanese bestiary. It is to this day SUPERNAIVE ‘s most ambitious project with 13 eclectic tracks somewhere between “Dazed & Confused”roundness and “Lions & Pigs” saturated dissonance, with RnB and pop rock vibes. The two brothers bring together light and shadow in an inspired and well  thought through production. The use of old instruments contributes to the bittersweet aesthetic, poetry and sensuality of this record that you will hum from the very first time you listen and will discover after the tenth.

  1. Introduction
  2. Summer Haze ft. Untapped
  3. Nekomata ft. Lonher 
  4. Warrior ft. Carmeline
  5. Give Me Love
  6. Apart ft. Eli D. Duke 
  7. Running Nowhere Fast
  8. Lighter Light ft. Conference of the Birds
  9. Tadaima (Outro)