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Limited 2LP: Red vinyl

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Mutant is the second studio album by Venezuelan electronic music producer Arca. It was released on 20 November 2015 via Mute. Mark Richardson of Pitchfork gave the album a very positive review, stating, "Compared to Xen, Mutant feels less composed and less indebted to classical music. With many tracks on the former album you could squint a little bit and imagine them being performed by a daring new music ensemble, à la Aphex Twin with Alarm Will Sound. But Mutant leans toward soundscape, avoiding proper songs." Richardson concludes, "On Mutant, Ghersi turns a fixation on porousness and instability into a kind of spiritual pursuit."

A1 Alive
A2 Mutant
A3 Vanity
B1 Sinner
B2 Anger
B3 Sever
B4 Beacon
B5 Snakes
B6 Else
C1 Umbilical
C2 Hymn
C3 Front Load
C4 Gratitud
C5 En
C6 Siren Interlude
C7 Extent
D1 Envelopeped
D2 Faggot
D3 Soichiro
D4 Peonies