Steve Albini

Music from the film Girl on the Third Floor

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When director Travis Stevens called about composing creepy instrumental music for his new horror film, Steve Albini (Shellac) found himself with a new creative challenge. After meeting with Stevens and Greg Newman from Queensbury Pictures, Steve signed on and recruited Tim Midyett (Mint Mile, Silkworm) and Alison Chesley (Helen Money) to complete the ensemble that would compose and record the soundtrack. Guest vocals on “Irish” by Gaelynn Lea. Upon completion of the soundtrack, Albini reflected, "Tim and Alison are a joy to work with, very open-minded and eager, and master musicians. Just great. That whole part of it, writing and playing with them, was fucking fantastic and effortless, and I wish I could do it all the time."

A1: 17 Arrow 43
A2: XVI Dry
A3: Line 55
B1: Irish
C1: XVI Standard
C2: Line 54
C3: Sparky’s Revenge 
D1: Bees
D2: Line 62
D3: Line 64
D4: Line 70
D5: Line 71.