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The 7th solo album from Brian Eno, originally released in 1978. The album compiles short tracks Eno had recorded between 1975 and 1978, some of the styles and equipment used also carried over onto Eno's work on David Bowie's album "Low". Eno released 3 sequels to this album in 1983, 1988 and 2005.


A1 M386
A2 Aragon
A3 From The Same Hill
A4 Inland Sea
A5 Two Rapid Formations
A6 Slow Water
A7 Sparrowfall (1)
A8 Sparrowfall (2)
A9 Sparrowfall (3)
B1 Quartz
B2 Events In Dense Fog
B3 There Is Nobody
B4 A Measured Room
B5 Patrolling Wire Borders
B6 Task Force
B7 Alternative 3
B8 Strange Light
B9 Final Sunset