Snake Bite Love

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No matter how many years the band toils on, Lemmy Kilmister refuses to change the basic hard and fast rules of Motörhead. Usually, that's a plus, since nothing quite compares to Motörhead roaring ahead at full blast, but occasionally it can result in an undistinguished album. Snake Bite Love is one of those. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with the record, as it offers a solid set of blistering, heavy rockers that race by at breakneck speed, but it doesn't add any new twists to the formula or have particularly memorable songs. Snake Bite Love sounds fine as it's playing, but very little of it leaves a lasting impression. Many members of the group's cult will probably find it worth a listen, but those who only like Motörhead's classic '70s and '80s output will find it a bit of a chore.


1 Love for Sale
2 Dogs of War
3 Snake Bite Love
4 Assassin
5 Take the Blame
6 Dead and Gone
7 Night Side
8 Don't Lie to Me
9 Joy of Labour
10 Desperate for You
11 Better Off Dead