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3LP: Steven Wilson Remix + 2LPs of rarities (Released 01/12/2023)

LP: 180g heavyweight vinyl 

CD: 2013 Remaster

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Moondance is the third studio album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison. It was released on 27 February 1970 by Warner Bros. Records. After the commercial failure of his first Warner Bros. album Astral Weeks (1968), Morrison moved to upstate New York with his wife and began writing songs for Moondance. There, he met the musicians that would record the album with him at New York City's A & R Studios in August and September 1969.

The album found Morrison abandoning the abstract folk jazz compositions of Astral Weeks in favor of more formally composed songs, which he wrote and produced entirely himself. Its lively rhythm and blues/rock music was the style he would become most known for in his career. The music incorporated soul, jazz, pop, and Irish folk sounds into songs about finding spiritual renewal and redemption in worldly matters such as nature, music, romantic love, and self-affirmation.

Moondance was an immediate critical and commercial success. It helped establish Morrison as a major artist in popular music, while several of its songs became staples on FM radio in the early 1970s. Moondance has since been cited by critics as one of the greatest albums of all time.


And It Stoned Me 4:30
Moondance 4:35
Crazy Love 2:34
Caravan 4:57
Into The Mystic 3:25
Come Running 2:30
These Dreams Of You 3:50
Brand New Day 5:09
Everyone 3:31
Glad Tidings 3:130


Disc: 1
1 And It Stoned Me
2 Moondance
3 Crazy Love
4 Caravan
5 Into the Music
6 Come Running
7 These Dreams of You
8 Brand New Day
9 Everyone
10 Glad Tidings
Disc: 2
1 Into the Mystic (Take 11)
2 Caravan (Take 4)
3 Glad Tidings (Remix 2)
4 These Dreams of You (Remix)
5 Come Running (Take 2)
6 Brand New Day (Take 3)
7 Glad Tidings (Alt. Version)
8 Crazy Love
Disc: 3
1 Caravan (Redo: Take 3)
2 These Dreams of You
3 Moondance (Take 22)
4 Glad Tidings (Take 9)
5 I Shall Sing (Take 7)
6 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
7 I've Been Working (Early Version, Take 5)