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Mixed Up

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What began as a way to stall between albums ended up being a stroke of genius. Mixed Up takes ten Cure tracks and quite often, guts them and completely retools them for the dancefloor, essentially predicting the House and Techno crazes. Some tracks are subtle changes, emphasizing the beat more, as in “Lullaby,” and “Lovesong,” fresh off their hit album, Disintegration. Other times, it’s almost impossible to recognize the original song. A couple of early singles, “The Walk,” and “A Forest,” get vast facelifts, speeding the tempo up and adding Techno beats.


1 Lullaby (Extended Mix) 7:43
2 Close To Me (Closer Mix) 5:44
3 Fascination Street (Extended Mix) 8:47
4 The Walk (Everything Mix) 5:27
5 Lovesong (Extended Mix) 6:19
6 A Forest (Tree Mix) 6:55
7 Pictures Of You (Extended Dub Mix) 6:41
8 Hot Hot Hot!!! (Extended Mix) 7:01
9 The Caterpillar (Flicker Mix) 5:28
10 Inbetween Days (Shiver Mix) 6:22
11 Never Enough (Big Mix) 6:07