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Katzenmusik marked the third and final collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Michael Rother and producer Conny Planck, as well drummer Jaki Leibezeit, on loan from the group Can. Essentially a suite in two parts, Katzenmusik remains Rother's opus. It's an enchanting, entrancing, swirl of colors and simply pronounced melodies that's at once powerfully majestic and esthetically sublime. Rother's multi-tracked guitars ring from the plaintive to the screaming in the upper registers, layered around four different five-note melodies that recur either as single string statements triple-track or stark chords supporting them. Through it all, in a middling yet even-handed pace, is drummer Jaki Leibezeit, playing his version of the Motorik sound (the one created by Rother and Klaus Dinger in the band Neu! a few years before) in 4/4 time with little to no variation. Rother's re-harmonizing of his original melody throughout the piece in various segments has a mirroring effect over its 37 minutes; it's as if we are taken into the nether-side of his composition and feel its various spaces and textures from all angles

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A1 Katzenmusik 1
A2 Katzenmusik 2
A3 Katzenmusik 3
A4 Katzenmusik 4
A5 Katzenmusik 5
A6 Katzenmusik 6
A7 Katzenmusik 7
A8 Katzenmusik 8
B1 Katzenmusik 9
B2 Katzenmusik 10
B3 Katzenmusik 11
B4 Katzenmusik 12