Method Man

Tical 2000: Judgement Day

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Unlike Method Man's straightforward debut, Tical, which was a simple albeit brilliant MC/producer collaboration, and a classic one at that, his follow-up, Tical 2000, is an epic undertaking, involving a long list of collaborators and a conceptual scope. In many ways, it's a more interesting album than its predecessor because of its ambitions. There are 28 tracks in total here, most of them featuring some sort of guest, mainly fellow East Coast hardcore rappers like Redman and Mobb Deep but also surprise guests like Chris Rock and Janet Jackson.


Judgement Day (Intro) 0:52
Perfect World 3:00
Cradle Rock 4:13
Dangerous Grounds 4:07
Sweet Love (Skit) 0:06
Sweet Love 3:29
Shaolin What (Skit) 2:19
Torture 3:23
Where's Method Man? (Skit) 1:04
Suspect Chin Music 4:52
Retro Godfather 2:50
Dooney Boy (Skit) 0:15
Spazzola 3:54
Check Writer (Skit) 0:13
You Play Too Much (Skit) 1:31
Party Crasher 3:53
Grid Iron Rap 3:23
Step By Step 3:34
Play IV Keeps 3:33
Donald Trump (Skit) 0:11
Snuffed Out (Skit) 1:39
Elements 3:58
Killin' Fields 4:03
Big Dogs 3:29
Break Ups 2 Make Ups 3:53
Message From Penny (Skit) 0:28
Judgement Day 6:00
C.E.O.utro 0:04