Countdown To Extinction

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Countdown To Extinction marks a departure from Megadeth's almost-exclusively thrash-laden tendencies. Where Peace Sells... and Rust In Peace were onslaughts of metal prowess, Countdown... is a slightly more leftfield approach; there are dream-like strings on 'Foreclosure Of A Dream' and 'Captive Honour' features one of the most coherent stories told by frontman Dave Mustaine, complete with epic licks. For those who enjoy the speed and tenacity of Megadeth, however, don't fret; 'High Speed Dirt', 'Sweating Bullets' and 'Skin O' My Teeth' provide plenty of that, while still maintaining the record's maturer, broader musical feel.


1 Skin O' My Teeth
2 Symphony Of Destruction
3 Architecture Of Aggression
4 Foreclosure Of A Dream
5 Sweating Bullets
6 This Was My Life
7 Countdown To Extinction
8 High Speed Dirt
9 Psychotron
10 Captive Honour
11 Ashes In Your Mouth
Bonus Tracks
12 Crown Of Worms
13 Countdown To Extinction (Demo)
14 Symphony Of Destruction (Demo)
15 Psychotron (Demo)