The Wedding Present

Marc Riley Sessions Volume 4

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An avid Wedding Present fan himself, Riley, with his team of producers, has formed a close bond with David Gedge and the band. He says: “The release of these Wedding Present sessions recorded for our 6 Music programme over the years is something of an honour. In the great tradition of the Peel/Selwood releases on the Strange Fruit label, this record proves that, even without John, the BBC can still be a place where great bands can continue to grow and be creative... amongst friends.”

David Gedge says: “For the vast majority of sessions for BBC radio that we’ve committed to tape over the years, The Wedding Present band has consisted of vocals, guitars, bass and drums. It’s that classic Rock ’n’ Roll line-up, I guess.
However, when I started recording tracks for Peel in the late 1990s with Cinerama, all manner of extra musicians were added, including pianists, string players, a flautist and a trumpeter. The advantage with this is that,  understandably, you end up with a huge sound and the opportunity to experiment with multi-faceted arrangements.The disadvantage? Well, you are only allocated the same amount of time to set up, sound-check and record, so everything has to be done at triple the speed! 


1. Scotland (The ‘Home Internationals’ EP - 2017)
2. Fifty-Six (Going, Going... - 2016)
3. Fordland (Going, Going... - 2016)
4. Bewitched (Bizarro - 1989)
5. Go Out And Get ’Em, Boy! (Tommy - 1988) (Introduced by John Peel himself)
6. Panama (The ‘Jump In, The Water’s Fine / Panama’ 7” - 2019)
7. Getting Nowhere Fast (George Best - 1987)
8. Felicity (Tommy - 1988)
9. Jump In, The Water’s Fine (The ‘Jump In, The Water’s Fine / Panama’ 7” - 2019)