Reuben's Daughters

Mami Wata

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Reuben's Daughters is not a band, it's a name for all of the musical works by Reuben Myles Tyghe, a pure product of Bath's musical scene. Reuben performs solo, write and record albums featuring a wide pool of guests, collaborate with other artists, has a six piece live band... it's all Reuben's Daughters. The daughters part of the name allows all of his musical endeavours to have a fluidity... And the album is full of this light and smotth fluidity that gets directly to the listener's hear without fighting it. Or, in the words of Keely Stoltz: "“Playful and adventurous pop where solid grooves undulate underneath technicolor island slide guitars. Who knew some of the sunniest new music in the world could be crafted in the southwest of England?


1. The Well /
2. Underwater Garden /
3. Those Eyes Can't Lie to me /
4. Fragile Frame /
5. Messenger /
6. Bundle of Love /
7. Everyday Sunday /
8. Mami Wata