Jaz Coleman

Magna Invocatio

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2LP : Released 24th January 2020

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Lead vocalist of the post-punk band, Killing Joke. As an artist of fierce intellect and purpose, Jaz Coleman – has been driven by twin musical loves: experimental rock and classical music. What Coleman feels is sometimes passed over, however, is the element of “panoramic beauty” underpinning the weight and flow of many of Killing Joke’s songs, the likes of ‘The Raven King’, ‘In Cythera’ and more – an element that fitting orchestration might elevate and underline… Recorded with Russia’s oldest orchestra, the St Petersburg Philharmonic, this stirring body of work taps into the more melodic, uplifting aspects of the KJ musical canon.


1.Absolute Descent Of Light
2.The Raven King
4.You’ll Never Get To Me
5.Absent Friends
7.In Cythera
8.Big Buzz
10.Into The Unknown
12.Honour The Fire
13.Magna Invocatio (Gloria)