Lure Burke Stinson & Kramer'

L.A.M.F. Live At The Bowery Electric

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Limited LP : Transparent Blue Vinyl

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Sole surviving HEARTBREAKER Walter Lure playing ‘LAMF’ with an all-star line-up.
MC5, BLONDIE, REPLACEMENTS/GUNS & ROSES members join him to pay tribute!
Clem Burke (Blondie), Tommy Stinson (Replacements/GnR), Wayne Kramer (MC5).

Released in Autumn 1977, ‘L.A.M.F.’ was instantly controversial.  Forty years later, on NYC's Lower East Side, original and sole surviving Heartbreaker Walter Lure helmed three performances.  He invited friends to join him to celebrate, and they did.


Born To Lose
Baby Talk
All By Myself
I Wanna Be Loved
It's Not Enough
Chinese Rocks
Get Off The Phone
Pirate Love
One Track Mind
I Love You
Goin' Steady
Let Go
Can't Keep My Eyes On You
Do You Love Me