The Feeling


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Self-produced, predominantly at their East London studio during lockdown, Loss. Hope. Love is the sound of a band who have reconsidered their identity, taken control of their sound and embraced the Queen-esque theatrical elements of their DNA, recently realised by the success of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. The Feeling return a whole new perspective. 15 years since their multi-million selling debut record Twelve Stops and Home - the new album is bursting with joy, but with the thread of melancholy that’s always been synonymous with their flawless songwriting.

After years of writing about his own life, Dan was keen to use his foray into musical theatre to tell other people’s stories. It’s also given the band time to work in a different way. Dan says: “It’s been a while but throughout writing the Musical, the West End Soundtrack then the Official Movie Soundtrack I have worked with the band and they have been a great help. It’s been great for all of us. It was The Feeling with a different hat on but we’re delighted to be back.” 


1. High Like You 
2. There Is No Music 
3. Never Gave Up 
4. There’s a Word For It
5. On The Edge
6. Lost
7. Love People
8. No One To Blame 
9. Cascade
10.  Wrong 
11.  For The Future
12.  Morning Light (plus hidden track - Takes A Beat Away)