Klaus Schulze

Live @ Klangart

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Klaus recently performed with Wolfgang Tiepold at the annual KlangArt Festival. The result was so well received by promoters and audience alike that two special CDs have been issued that contain the full performance. If Klaus' music was impressive before, the live performance is even more remarkable. That such a complex and musically adventurous sound composition could be created and realized by two men is miraculous. In contrast to many amateur electronic concerts I have witnessed where more time is spent setting up, fixing and simply trying to make faulty equipment work, all reports from fans and less cultist attendees have been raving. Both these Live @ KlangArt releases put to rest any false claims that Klaus has lost his creativity and musical vision.

Breeze To Sequence

Loops To Groove

Frum Church To Search

I Loop You Schwindelig

Bonus Track: Short Romance

La Fugue Sequenca

Cavalleria Cellisticana

Tracks Of Desire

Last Move At Osnabrueck

Bonus Track: OS 9.07