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Live It

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The ‘difficult second album’ by Biting Tongues (released on a minuscule cassette run by The Buzzcocks’ vanity label New Hormones in 1981) has since become a near mythical artefact of Mancunian DIY. Cementing the path between the Absurd label’s kitchen sink synth assaults and Factory’s 99 informed downtown aspirations, Biting Tongues’ bass-driven, pounding-sounding, schizo-skronking, squat-pop put the emergence of punk funk under a blinding interrogation bulb then hid round the corner evading secret police . Pouring three letter words like ESG, DAF, PIL and ACR into Ken Hollings’ Scrabble bag would result in a unique form of wordy dictaphone agit-rap and closed-circuit commentary to Graham Massey’s overqualified punk ensemble, laying foundations of future Manc activity using uncertified sand and gravel tactics, only to be safety checked every 38 years, or thereabouts. ‘Live It’, the lost Biting Tongues album, still breathes.


Evening State (The Wave State)
Reflector (Bootleg studio)
Denture Beach (relentless)
After The Click The Dialogue
Or With Eyes Closed
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